Saturday, 12 January 2008

Was David Beckham At My Spice Girls Concert?

Heck yeah.

Me and my sister were in seat 55 & 56, the last 2 seats of my row, so we could clearly see the exit isle.

When the lights went down for the start of the show, I noticed David Beckham and 3 bodyguards walking very quickly to their seats.

I was not able to take a picture of David at this moment, as it all happened so quickly.

He had one of his trademark beanie hats on, so despite the guards he slipped in unnoticed to most people in my area.

As Spice Up Your Life was winding down for the final song, I kept an eye on the exit isle.

I first noticed Victoria's dad leaving, so I fully focused on the isle, forgetting about the concert, then I saw Brookyln run towards to VIP exit, then David was walking towards us, with both Cruz and Romeo in his arms. You could have knocked me down with a feather. I was calm, but my heart was racing all I wanted to do was get one good shot. Excitedly, I got into position and managed to take the photo above.

He had that scowl on his face, but the light were up and the crowd noticed that he was leaving and a big cheer went up for him, then he started smiling. At this moment I was no longer looking at him through my camera, as I wanted to look at him with my own eyes, and the verdict?

Even more handsome in real life. Trust me.

The second picture did not come out so well, which is a huge same.

Looks like the Beckham boys happy to see every concert, and I don't blame them. It was that good.

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Ljn.- said...


OMG! I can almost imagine
your expression as you
saw David =) you took
a wonderful shot... you
turned out to be quite
a paparazzo! hahaha!!


electra said...

Don't know if you have the option "Image Stabilization" on your camera, if you do, use that when taking pix and the they won't end up blurry.
And lucky you for seeing him so close!

Fashion Critic said...

Electra, my hands were shaking so much that even with image stabliser it would have been blurry.

I still can't believe I was that close.

Ljn, my chin was on the floor. I am still in shock.

lilflowa said...

i openely hate you now. end of. haha lol thats just amazing! you got to see the lil kiddies aswell and Victoria in person!..again! lol

Well done babes you reprsented ur blogg readers! its like we were there too :)

you shoulda held up a banner with your site lmao!!

buddy said...

you are SOooo LUCKY !!! fc,
i live in the other side of the world and i will never ever see david.NEVER EVER!!!
my life is empty.

LOL about the shock. but i am sure that i would have been worse if i saw him THAT close or even not close for that matter
i would have had a brain me.

peach said...

Fabulous picture, you must have been beside yourself with excitement!

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks ya'll still smiling.

Sara said...

i don't know how you could took the picture ... OMG you are SO LUCKY!!
more handsome in real life? omg everybody said that... David you have to come to Brazil xD ~~
the brazilians paparazzis said that he will come but i dont know ..
(sorry my english)

Anonymous said...

Hi fc, it is so nice that you had such a great time on the concert. Seeing David and everything - WOW. And I could understand you so well that you are under shock and shaking. I met him last April in Madrid in his car on the trainings ground. And I could not remember the first sentences from me and for him. :-(

Your pics and vids are so great - thanks!


Fashion Critic said...

Thats great Suki. I would like to meet him like that so I could get to talk to him.

Mimi said...

u know wat!!!!i saw him and their kids last nite at his wife's concert in Manchester!i cried at da moment i saw him!!!!!!!!yeah,,,he's much more handsome in real life!!!!!!!!!!!