Saturday, 12 January 2008

Fashion Critic's Date With The Spice Girls

It feels like I have been talking about the Spice Girls concert forever, but last night I FINALLY went.

It was AMAZING. Well worth the £75.

My 4th row seats were amazing and as a result, me and my sister got some great pictures and videos. Between us we took around 800 pictures. My sister has the best camera in the world and she managed to take around 700 pictures. Our pictures were a mixture of good and bad. The best ones came when the girls came to our side of the stage. Facing the stage we were to the right of the girls.

My favourite one is this one my sister took of Mel C.

It was throughly entertaining. The girls interacted well and kept the crowd very entertained sing all the classic's. It is amazing how you never forgot the words of songs you have not sung in over 10 years.

The performance was flawless, although Victoria was noticeably late on one part of her routine during The Lady Is A Vamp.

Of course my attention was mostly focused on Victoria most of the time, but I was memerised by Melanie Brown.

Much prettier in real life and has THE MOST AMAZING body I have ever seen.

Dancing With The Stars has given her a body of steel, she was well toned and had - what appeared to be - an 8 pack. I am straight and I have nothing against lesbians - but tonight, if asked, Mel B could have turned me. She was that amazing.

Victoria and Emma were the ones who interacted with the crowds the most, often waving and smiling at various audience members. Some had dressed up as their favourite Spice Girls. Most were Geri.

Geri was kind enough to congratulate 3 girls who were all dressed in Union Jack dresses and matching Geri wigs, much to the delight of the girls.

I have uploaded my favourite 50 (of the 800) to this gallery for easier viewing. (click view all images for a larger view)

Here is Victoria singing my favourite song and part from "Say You'll Be There".

See...she can sing.

In this video for Mama, Victoria runs over to were her boys are in the crowd and waves and blows kisses at them...oh so cute.

Another good one was Mel C singing "Who Do You Think You Are" up close to us. Also Victoria is up top in the background.

You can view the rest of my concert video's here.

UPDATE: In answer to your questions, Victoria is not as skinny as people are saying, she looks slim and healthy. Geri was the one who looked very skinny, not as athletically fit as she did in the summer.

I don't know if they are going to Paris, I guess they think that those from Paris could go to either the UK or Madrid shows. The only expected added dates are Australia.

Peach, lol, happy to share.

And yes, Victoria got the loudest cheers for each of her singing parts.

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electra said...

Thanks for the pix and the videos!
And i totally agree with you on Mel B's body, she's hotter than hot! Mel C has a great body too, but Mel B has a very womanly attractive shape and obviously boobs, which Mel C lacks.
I think they all look great on this tour, nobody is fat or too thin or has awfull hair like on previous tours, i can't wait for the DVD of this tour, it will look amazing.

Fashion Critic said...

The filmed my show, so there will be a DVD and I can't wait.

One of the best concerts I have ever been to.

lima said...

your soo lucky!!!
did she look as thin as people say?

Anonymous said...

Do you know why they are not coming to Paris?? I am so sad!! and I don't really understand!!*thanks

peach said...

I really need to get a life - I logged on this morning thinking, I wonder when FC is going to the Spice Girls concert? I was so excited to see all the pics and videos. :) Thanks for posting all of this. I totally agree about Mel B, she is a fantastic performer and utterly gorgeous.

electra said...

Did they say that it is being filmed for the DVD?
Every show is filmed, but only for those big screens purposes.
There's always a note at the beginning of the gig that it will be filmed for a DVD and a few cameras are facing the audience to get them on camera aswell.

Fashion Critic said... there was no such sign.

I am sure that there will be a DVD, Simon Fuller will not miss that opportunity.

valeria said...

I really want to thank you because you out on line the videos and pictures.I'm italian and i'm very sad because the Spice will not come here in italy for a show.
So thank you very much because with your blog I can see a lott of pieces of concert waiting for the dvd!

kinhaa said...

Victoria is major, I don't know why people say that she's skinny or boring, i don't know, here in Brazil people don't like her, i reckon peolple don't care about her, that why i hate my country, they don't know what they say... I loved your pictures and vids :D

Martin said...

The pic of Melanie C in the purple adidas outfit is amazing..never thought she would be this sporty again!

BTW...Holler was my fave performance when i was i London 2/1-08 =)

4 of a kind said...

F.C. THANKS so much 4 all of your hard work. Pics. r great. Looks like u & your sister had a great time

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the pics and the videos.
They are fantastic.

Aron said...

check out my Livejournal!
i posted some great pictures from my Vegas concert!

youre so lucky david walked by your isle though!!!

ayuni said...

hey have u watched this video before? spice girls singing acapella and i think victoria sounded great! she sang the lead!