Monday, 3 September 2007

Victoria Beckham Joins A Gym

After vowing for years that she would never join a gym, Victoria Beckham has finally acknowledged that with the grueling tour coming up she will have to be in top shape to meet the physical demands of the tour.

She has joined the £1000 a month 'LA's Sports Club'. The gym offers a state of the art simulated skiing machine complete with a revolving artificial slope.

She has signed up for a course of candlelit stretching classes, performed to the strains of a string quartet playing in the background. How relaxing.

Apparently Posh was kicked into action by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell who has been working hard to regain her washboard stomach.

Posh has admitted in the past that she does not body. Last year she told Australian Harper's Baazar magazine that after that having three children, and then losing so much weight afterwards she was has left a rather unsightly stomach. "I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach." She continued, "I have no bum at all. I might fit into jeans but, trust me, I look really awful naked."

She told the Daily Mirror recently: "I really don’t like the gym, in fact I can’t stand it."

"Maybe it’s the whole getting sweaty thing, but it’s just not me. I tried cycling in Spain but maybe my bum’s too small as it just wasn’t comfortable."

"I want to get fit, though, so I’m exploring some different options. I like what I’ve heard about Pilates - just sitting in a room, stretching and breathing. Sounds much more civilised."

I totally agree with her. I hate the gym and you would never catch me on a running machine or treadmill. I only go for the yoga and pilates classes, like Posh said, much more civilised. I did not know we were so much alike.


emma said...

Saggy stomach skin? You can't even tell.

There's nothing wrong with getting sweaty. It means you're active and your body is working hard. I don't understand why yoga and pilates are more 'civilised'. I'd think it would be the exact opposite because when I think of civilised I think of technology such as treadmills, and when I think yoga it doesn't strike me as being the same. Either way, she will still get sweaty from doing yoga and pilates. I don't know I guess different people prefer different methods and that's fine.

That skiing machine sounds so fun!

stephanie said...

I can understand her not liking the gym. I totally hate going to the gym and see it as punishment for all the bad things i've done in life. Sweating isn't my thing at all. I'm more into yoga, pilates and swimming. With yoga and pilates you might sweat a bit but it's not high paced so you don't feel like you're being chased by a hungry lion

brit said...

i dont like the gym either, they have gorgeous men in there and it not like u want them to see u sweating, i go for a really long walk, in heels is good too ;)

Cee said...

Wow how can you not like the gym lol. But Victoria doesn't need it, i guess. She should try pole dancing, and yes thats an excersise, although it gets you sweaty its a great workout and you'll have fun doing it shoot fergie, carmen electra did it and look at their bodies.