Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Victoria Beckham Out Sells David Beckham's Fragrance

The new fragrance, Intimately Beckham, developed by Victoria and David Beckham, has been selling very well in the US after only two weeks, according to Coty Beauty, so discard the Ebay rumours of poor sales. (this is why I don't post like to post rumours).

Sales of the fragrance are among the top 10 in their accounts.

Not that they are competing, but the "for her" developed by Victoria Beckham is outselling "for him" by David Beckham, at a rate of two to one.

Oh....David must be so jealous.


Here are some additional photos from Beau Monde Magazine

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We get it...we get are both hot.



emma said...

I tried about 4 different department stores and beauty stores but none of them have the fragrance. I am waiting until the next time I go to New York, because the lady at Short Hills said that Macy's in NYC has it. I'm sure it'll be even more popular if it sold in more places. I want it so badly! lol.

Sara said...

"Oh....David must be so jealous."
is the opposite!

buddy said...

is it just me.or is there something very fake and forced about these pics cos i don't get the sexy vibe. i only get the fake vibe.

Anonymous said...

Yes buddy it's just

Janie said...

Buddy. Victoria is wonderfully "tongue in cheek" with her humour,sexuality and life in general. I think you might have failed to notice this. With this in mind look at the Ads again. Good arn't they?