Monday, 17 September 2007

In Victoria's Closet - Marc Jacobs

The dress Victoria Beckham wore to dinner on Saturday night was a Marc Jacobs Resort 2008 mini dress.

The dress looks just as bad on the model as it does on Victoria.



Anonymous said...

The model seems to be wearing a black belt. I actually like the look on the model a lot better. This dress would have looked a lot better on VB if she had worn a belt too.

Jen said...

i had seen this picture on another website, and thought she looked great. then looking at this side by side picture, i have to agree if VB would have only worn a belt.
on a side note, i don't like VB hair growing out. i liked it shorter.
all in all, she's fabulous!!

Janie said...

You know what it is? I think it does look better on the model. It could be that the colour is more subtle, but the reason it doesn't work for our V is that unlike the model she has a decent set of Booies! And they pull the line of the fabric and all those folds out of shape.