Saturday, 1 September 2007

David Beckham's Radio Interview With Ryan Seacrest

Thank you to all those who informed me of David's interview with Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show, KIIS FM.

David spoke about his injury, admitting he came back to early, and his life in LA. Listen here


brit said...

davids fantastic and so lovely, he never fails to impress.

Janie said...

What makes me laugh about this interview is silly ol Ryan saying he has a crush on Victoria, well maybe he has in a fag hag kinda way. That blokes so obviously gay and still pretending to be sniffin round another mans wife. He was only joking with David i hear you cry! David of course took it in his sride. He KNOWS without a shred of doubt Victoria is 100% his girl and doesn't even see other men in that way. Well you wouldn't would you.

Jay said...

Janie I doubt ryan was joking about having a crush on victoria and can't say I blame him I mean look at her when she dyed her hair blond she became even more sexier I mean when she was on E! News ryan even sent a letter to her and i've never seen him that excited before. Anyways I thought that was nice of him offering to take care of her so david can focus on getting better and being ready to go out and play soccer.