Friday, 28 September 2007

Almost Home

Victoria Beckham arrived at France's Charles de Gaulle Airport at 4am this morning.

She then dashed to a waiting private jet at nearby Le Bourget airport to fly to London to be at David's side.

What a great woman.

Many of you will not know that Victoria and Ted do not get on, and this is one of the reasons David and his father's relationship became strained.

You can read all about the fall out and reconciliation in the Daily Mail.

David's dad, Ted's condition today is described as stable.


Major-Giggles said...

Why not just fly to London in one go?

Was flying to France and grabbing a private plane really that necessary?

Fashion Critic said...

Geez what is wrong with some people?

Maybe the first flight she could get out of Japan was to France rather than waiting maybe 3 hours for a direct flight...maybe the direct flight to London was full. THINK ABOUT IT.

Why do people always want to see the negative in everything this woman does?

She canceled her launch, she has flow half way around the world to be by her husbands side and yet some people still find cause to complain.

Victoria just can not win. I feel so sorry for her.

buddy said...

hey fashion critic.
no offense but this may all be part of a bigger plan.i mean her cancelling the launch.
just think what people would say if she had done the launch.that she's a bad wife,trouble in the beckhams marriage etc...the press would make a big deal of her not going to her hubby's side as fast as she could than her going to him immediately.

hence a blow to the beckham brand which is doubtless built on their love for each doing this she has added greater value to the brand and her advisers must have fuelled this immediate departure.

and the thing about the japanese company, they would have not let her go if they really really wanted her cos she must be under contract and she is obligated to do the launch but this event will certainly add more value to her as a woman/wife and i think it would be good for them in the longterm and my guess is that they know it.

or as u said she must be a great woman. just looking at both sides of the picture.

no hard feelings .just an observation.

ps- i luv your site. i come to it everyday.keep up the good work.

Fashion Critic said...

Hey Buddy, As a cynical person I understand everything you are saying but in this case I wish it not to be true.

Simon Fuller and her management team no doubt weighed up every option before she left, I guarantee you that. The decision although should have been black and white...was not. You are right.

No hard feeling and thanks for the compliments.

Lilflowa said...

I know her team must have weighed up options and so forth but why cant people just believe she did it out of love for her husband also? It seems evrygood deed she does MUST have been calculated because she would never do it out of the goodness of her heart........

Plz give the woman a break. I agree she cant and never will win with some people because as far as they know she's cold hearted and every move is calculated to improve brand beckham....*roll eyes*

why is she always the villain even if she does something good? i simply cannot comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Lilflowa i totally agree with you. It seems like its going to continue to be a lose lose situation for her but she's strong and i'm sure she'll be able to handle it. All we can do is hope and pray that e'erthing goes well.

Janie said...

Buddy are you playing Devils advocate here or what? This is something of a Beckham fan site and your observations do come across as cruel and forgive me for saying so a bit lacking in the heart department. If you are a fan/supporter of both Mr and Mrs B and look at this site everyday, why do you feel its ok to be so rude about them? Is this a wind up or what? Can't you believe the best of people? It's a very upsetting time for them and their family after all. (Just an observation)

buddy said...

well janie.
i did say that she MIGHT be marketing her brand OR EQUALLY that she MIGHT be a really great woman/wife.(i was not being sarcastic about that,which apparently u thougth me to be)
why don't u read all of the comment before posting rival comments.

and yes i sincerely hope that the love they show the public is true because MY GOD in a loveforsaken age like this that would be refreshing.

hey no need to take it so personally janie.
thanks for replying fashion critic!!
and thanks for commenting on my comment too janie(even if it was a bit need to make me into a devil's advocate for saying something negative about the beckhams.LOL)
u must be totally obsessed with the beckhams.


Janie said...

Buddy, sorry to have sounded a bit harsh. And yes I am a bit

buddy said...

no problem!
i'm obsessed too lol(with david,not so much with victoria)