Saturday, 15 September 2007

Are Victoria Beckham And Jennifer Lopez Still Friends?

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There have been reports that the friendship between Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez no longer exists. This may be just tabloid tales, but I have often wondered if they are still indeed friends.

I first wondered when Jennifer did not attend the Beckham's 'Welcome To LA Party'. But then the reason Jennifer did not attend is because the party was on the 22nd July and Jennifer's "El Cantante" premiere - which was in Puerto Rico - was the following day.

Yes Jennifer had work commitments, but if that was me, I would have turned up if only for an hour. Jennifer has the luxury of private jets. She could have been back in Puerto Rico that same night.

The second thing that made me wonder if they are still friends was when Victoria snubbed Jennifer's JustSweet fashion show at New York Fashion Week.

Victoria said in an interview that she was heading back to LA on the Tuesday, but she did not leave until the Wednesday. Jennifer's show was on the Tuesday, meaning Victoria could have attended. Apparently Jennifer saw this as a snub, but Victoria being the fashionista that she is I do not think she would have been seen at a teen's fashion collection - which is what Jennifer collection was.


Anonymous said...

Mostl likely tabloid tales when the papers or magazine don't have anything to write about they make stuff up to sell stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, i don't think we should believe this story. In the new issue of UK Glamour, which Jennifer is on the cover, she talks about her friendship with Victoria. I don't really see why Victoria should go for Jennifer's show as she doesn't have a teenage daughter nor does she wear teenager's clothes. I don't think Eva Longoria was there either and apparently she's friends with Jennifer. Anyway, until i hear it directly from either one of them, i wouldn't be wasting my time worrying about it.

Linda said...

I don't think they were ever bosom buddies, Victoria said the same thing, they are just friends. She is much closer to Katie Holmes. Maybe she had a prior engagement in NY on the day of the Jlo show, and as you say it isn't exactly her style - a teen fashion show.

brit said...

They are two v busy ladies, i reckon they prob just more friends than bessi friends that the papers like to hype up.