Thursday, 13 September 2007

Victoria Beckham Wants Her Boys To Keep Their British Accents

The Beckham's have been getting used to the new lingo in the US.

We say rubbish, American's say trash

We say toilet, American's say bathroom

We say pavement, American's say sidewalk...(I could go on forever)

Victoria Beckham has said despite all that, the Beckham's will keep their British ways.

She told press, "I really do not want my boys losing their accents. While I love it here in the States, we are not Americans and I want my boys to keep their British accents and roots. It would be unthinkable for them to lose it".

I think this would be impossible to manage. Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz (especially Cruz) are still very young and the people they will interact with will be American children their own age. Before they know it they will develop American accents. I once lived in New York for 6 months an developed a slight accents on certain words. You just adapt to things around you.



brit said...

i agree they are really young and proberly will pick up an accent, i had a scotish friend from school {in England} and his family went to live in America for a few years when he was 9, he came bk with an accent, but soon got the brit one bk. i think the kids are bound to.

emma said...

I say it's almost impossible to keep them from losing their accents. They are so young and will be living here for a long time. Victoria and David must talk to them everyday a lot to keep them from completely losing it.