Sunday, 9 September 2007

David Beckham Will Train With Arsenal At The End Of MLS Season

As predicted David Beckham will join a European club to train with during the close of the MLS season.

I must stress that David will NOT be playing for a Premier League club on loan.

Talks have already taken place with Arsenal whose training ground is near David's Hertfordshire home. David has already trained at Arsenal's training ground several times as it is the same training ground the England team use.

I was hoping that Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger (above) would have been trying to talk David into coming back to play for my team when they met at Arsenal's training ground in August prior to the England v. Germany game. I will have to settle for just training.

Scott E you will be please to know that under the terms of his contract with the Galaxy, there are no provisions that allow him to join another club on loan.



SCOTT E said...

I feel so special for the direct mention in your article! I am glad he will be able to train at a competative level, but not risking injury in competition. I wonder he gonna live in england or what? what about the kids, and school and victoria? is he gonna move them middle of the school year and stuff? any thoughts?

Daniel said...

I was thinking the same thing...stupid me...I didn't even think that he and the family would move back during the off season. the way...this is my second comment...and I completely love this site. Thanks for the continued entertainment!

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Daniel. It is my pleasure to entertain you.

Fashion Critic said...

Yes he would need to stay in England for a period. I am not sure if he will stay the full 4 months but as England gear up for Euro 2008 he would want to be seen in the UK taking his fitness and competitiveness seriously under the nose of the England Coach McClaren in order to be included in the squad. England played very well without him on Saturday so he is now fighting for his place and fight to reach that elusive 100 caps.

I don't see Victoria coming back for that long period as the kids have started school and it would be too disruptive to pull them out for 4 months.