Sunday, 30 September 2007

Good News From The Spice Girls

UPDATE: Gave up. All the good seats went quickly and I am not going to spend £150 on 2 tickets to sit at the back.

On Sunday I got an email from the Spice Girls. It said:


We are so excited to be able to tell you that your registration for a chance to buy tickets to see us live in LONDON has been SUCCESSFUL!

There have been millions of applications for tickets from ALL over the world, but you can use the special details below to try to buy your tickets!

From 10AM MONDAY 1ST OCTOBER, you will be able to use the special link below to have a chance to buy tickets.

If you do this before 10PM WEDNESDAY 3RD OCTOBER , you could be able to buy up to 6 tickets to see us live. But hurry, ticket numbers are very limited indeed!

Don't forget to keep checking our website for updates and more SPICE news.

Hopefully we'll see you on tour very soon. Good luck!!!

Lots of love

Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria


P.S Don't forget ... Tickets are on sale from 10am Monday 1st October so you'll need to be quick to have a chance to get them!

Now all I need to do it sit by my computer from 09:58 and keep applying until I get the tickets.

With so many people wanting the tickets, I think it is going to be a long day tomorrow. I have Yoga at 12.30 and I plan not to miss it.


jordan marie said...

i get a chance to see them in New York
I heard that david is going to be a backround dancer but i don't think it is true

Janie said...

Hi F.C. I guess you must be obsessed too!(see comments from Buddy to Janie) get a cosy duvet a good strong mug of coffee and good luck with the tickets!

buddy said...

david a background dancer????LOLOL
that would be worth seeing for 500$!!!I HIGHLY doubt it marie.
congrats fashion critic.Hope u get the tickets.

ps:- don't forget to get lots of pics of our hubby david(if he's there that is)