Thursday, 27 September 2007

David Beckham's Dad Suffers A Heart Attack

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A tearful David Beckham last night made a dramatic dash back to Britain after his father suffered a a near-fatal heart attack.

David was clearly upset as he was photographed arriving at Los Angeles International Airport to catch the evening flight to London.

Carrying a small holdall, Beckham, who plays for LA Galaxy, refused to answer questions as he bypassed the check-in desk and headed for airport security.

"He was wearing sunglasses but you could tell he had been crying," one eyewitness said.

"He had red marks around his eyes and was clearly in a hurry."

The dash to London followed the sudden heart attack by Ted Beckham, who "died" on the way to Whipp's Cross hospital in East London and had to be revived by paramedics.

David arrived at the LA airport at about 5pm and hurried through the departures terminal.

When one reporter told the footballer he was sorry to hear the sad news, Beckham's bodyguard answered: "Show some respect."

Beckham rushed straight to airport security without checking in.

It was not thought that Victoria would come with him.

A hospital source said that as Mr Beckham was being brought in, he "flatlined" - his heart stopped beating - and had to be brought back to life by paramedics.

Ted had a tense relationship with the David after he wrote a book in 2005 about David's rise to fame.

But earlier this year, the pair were reconciled when David paid a surprise visit to the 1930s terrace house where David grew up and where Ted now lives since his divorce from his wife Sandra in 2002.

I wish Ted a speedy recovery, as I am sure you all do.

I know I say this a lot, but I really do believe this move to LA is cursed. There is one bad thing after another happening. I hope things settle down for the family soon.

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Anonymous said...

apparently, victoria has cancelled the launch to be with him but i dont know if it is true..... my best wishes to the whole family

Fashion Critic said...

I hope so. This would be the right thing to do.

brit said...

poor them, i hope he recovers very soon.

bat said...

i hope the thoughts and prayers of all fans, are with Becks, his dad and the whole family at this difficult time.