Friday, 21 September 2007

Stop This Woman

This is not the first, nor the second, nor the third time media whore fan Chanelle Hayes has dressed identically like Victoria Beckham, this is the fourth time.

I actually got a message from someone telling me to leave Chanelle alone, as she is a fan like me.

Bull crap. This woman is not a fan. This woman is trying to keep herself in the spotlight. If she has worn a regular outfit, not relating to something Victoria had worn, do you thing Big Pictures would be taking photos of her? NO.

Everyone knows that after a show like Big Brother your shelf-life is very limited and people lose interest after a week.

Her "Posh" persona was cultivated for one thing and one thing only. Media attention.


lilflowa said...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this...totally hideous. My eyeballs are suffering from shock attack!!! What the hell is this eh? This is even worse than seeing Kim Kardashian or whatever her name is wearing the bandage dress. I feel like i can cry now just at the sight of what Chanstalker is wearing

emma said...

She does need to stop, although she does look good in the dress. She should use her time to make money for herself in other ways than copying someone who she'll never be.

Jen said...

we are all fans, but we don't go around looking EXACTLY like VB, get a grip and a life!!

i love this website/blog!! you're awesome!!

Camerynn said...


I have no clue who she is but it seems like England has a lot of people from reality shows that become huge stars/famous there. It's kind of odd. But she looks pathetic and really needs to stop..

Daniel said... first I was like amused by it..."Look...she must love VB..." but now...this morning...after it being the 3-4th I the only one that thinks it kind of scary?

jordan marie said...

who ever sent u that comment is not a true beckham fan
victoria looks good but
chanelle looks lokie a whore

peach said...

I find it completely bizarre that someone would so blatantly copy a celebrity. How long does she think people will be interested in this?

Kelly said...

I actually wrote the comment and although should not have to defend myself, feel that I should explain that I am a MASSIVE David beckham fan, I have been a Manchester United support since I was tiny and have followed him since he made his debut and throughout his career having travelled to see him play numerous times. I have also met and spoken to him twice. Although I should not have to explain there is no way I will have somebody telling me i am not a fan simply because I made a comment. I have also queued no doubt with the rest of you to meet Victoria Beckham at her book signing at Selfridges and I could go on however I will stop through fear of boring you.

The comment I made was, at the time, a fair point in my opinion and as far as I was aware we all have an opinion? Having seen all I have recently in the press etc regarding Chanelle, I too now agree that she has now overstepped the mark and needs to stop and be herself and not try to morph into someone else.

What I dont think however is that she looks like a "whore" and think that is a little over the mark.

I am sure just like my other comment this will not be posted, however at least you, the writter of this informative site will know that I am infact as much a fan and if not more so than a large amount of people who read here.

sheba said...

is that duct tape haha

Jaff said...

I got scared and thought it was a blow-up doll pretending to be VB. What a wannabe!...Copying someone else proves that you have no sense of individual style. Psh that is lame. VBs hotter! <33

Anonymous said...

I think chanelle's dress looks better than VB's any way..