Sunday, 16 September 2007

Someone Was Having A Bad Day

When Victoria Beckham arrived back in LAX on Wednesday she look perfect as always. Unlike most of us who will suffer from bed hair or red eyes from lack of sleep due to a baby on the plane ruining our shut eye.

We should be thankful we don't have photographer's there to capture us at that moment.

On arrival at LAX not only did a gust of wind reveal that Victoria's revived 'Pob' is aided with hair extensions, the poor thing had spilled something on her dress and a strap broke on her Jimmy Choo's.

What is a girl to do?

Does she girl get upset or cause a Mariah Carey type diva tantrum? Nope, she just keeps on walking. Class.



Tina said...

We all knew she had extensions because her hair grew literally over-night, but everyone (who can afford them) have hair extensions to give length or extra body. She looks much better now than she did the past few months.

She had extensions when she had the brunette pob too, but because her hair was darker it wasn't so noticeable.

brit said...

o such class lol. Poor her, at least she does it in elegant style and dos'nt get in a fluster about it.

Chanel said...

I'm not mad at her extensions. She pulls them off pretty well, IMO.

Now Britney's hair extensions... if someone's gonna be mad at some hair extensions, then I'd think they'd be livid at hers.

Janie said...

Ah bless her, she hates being photographed getting of planes. She does have very baby -fine thin hair so she needs a bit of a volume boost let alone length adding. Having said all that I also think she looks fab in this smart red frock and little beige sandles. and the bag! well just loved the whole look!