Wednesday, 12 September 2007

That's All Folks

Unfortunately that is all the fabulousness we will see from Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week as she has gone back to LA.

I would have liked her to have taken in a few more shows but it was only to be Oscar De La Renta and Marc Jacobs.

UPDATE: She did go out to dinner in New York yesterday, just waiting for the pictures to come through.



electra said...

Hilary always says something nice!

Too bad that NY Fashion Week is over for Vic.

stephanie said...

Aww, i just watched that and it was beautiful. I have to say that i'm somewhat happy she didn't go to more shows, that way she's not too exposed to the media, eventhought it means that we don't get more new pictures...but hey...there's always a price to

Anonymous said...

I hate her sunglasses!! too big!

buddy said...

whait is is that the woman said to which vic replied "i'm not gonna tell you that" please reply

Janie said...

Thaks soooo much FC. That was lovely I just drifted off there and pretended i was sitting in the front row next to Victoria and we chatted and swapped notes on Mr De La Rentas beautiful collection (sigh) Oh well back to reality!

Fashion Critic said...

Buddy, Hilary Alexander asks Victoria if she is helping David overcome his injury by giving him massages.