Sunday, 9 September 2007

So Is Victoria Beckham Going To New York Fashion Week?

Roland Mouret was taken to hospital the same day Victoria announced on her blog that she was going to New York Fashion Week.

What does this have to do with Victoria you ask?

Well Victoria is the brand ambassador of RM designed by Roland Mouret, the creator of the gorgeous pink dress she wore when David was introduced to the LA Galaxy. If he can't go maybe she will now not go. I only speculate because surely Victoria should have been there by now.

Cavalli opened his new store in New York, Victoria was not there.

Last year she went to Proenza Schouler's show. This year's show happened show on Friday, Victoria was not there.

Last year she also went to Marc Jacob's show. He is not showing until Monday so let's keep our fingers crossed for then.

The other exciting possibility is Jennifer Lopez' JustSweet Collection which takes place on Tuesday. Let's also keep our fingers crossed she turns up at that show.



emma said...

Oh no, I hope Roland is ok. I also want her to go to fashion week but her friend and man's collection she is being the ambassador for is more important. Is his condition serious? What is it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's going to carry on keeping a low-profile a little while longer. I remember reading that Simon Fuller wanted her to keep out of the public eye until David was fully fit again

AdminVoilalaMode said...

i have liked this outfit but not the shoes