Friday, 14 September 2007

The Beckhams Vanity Fair Germany Cover

As W magazine is a US publication many Europeans did not get a chance to purchase it. Now Vanity Fair Germany have put the Beckhams saucy Steven Klein shoot on their October cover and within the magazine.

The cover says (I believe) With The Beckhams. Any German speakers who can translate the rest?

UPDATE: The Beckhams also appear on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy. Thanks Posh Lover.

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Anonymous said...

What can i say? This picture has gone from coast to coast. Lol

posh lover said...

The same pic is also in the current issue of VF Italy (

Yvonne said...

German translation:
We, the Beckhams.
Secrets about a big love and a big business.

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Yvonne. :)

electra said...

The title means We are The Beckhams, but rough translation would be We, The Beckhams.

Madison Perry said...

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