Thursday, 6 September 2007

Victoria Beckham to Attend New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham updated her style blog today:

Hi everybody

How are you all?

It is crazy busy over here but it's really exciting. The paperback version of my book That Extra Half An Inch is being released today (Thursday September 6th) in the UK. It's got loads of new fashion shopping tips and some exclusive never seen before photography, which I think you will love.

I've also got New York Fashion Week this week, which I am really looking forward to. I can't wait to see all the latest collections. Great looking clothes are such a great passion of mine.

Anyway, I must get going - I've still got to pack for fashion week dahlings!

Speak to you soon


Blah blah blah...the only interesting thing here is New York Fashion Week...Hurrah!!

That means multiple outfit changes in one day, and lots of pictures of Victoria Beckham.

Can't wait.

Oh....if you want to see a sneak peak inside Victoria's repackaged book click here.


stephanie said...

I should be excited but i'm not-my excitement is in the check radar because i still haven't gotten over the mtv awards when i stayed up all night for a glimpse only to be disappointed afterwards....she had better be good to me for fashion week if not i'll be giving her a bit of

Sara said...

Yeah!!!! Hope we'll get many new pics. Can't wait.

Fashion Critic said...

LOL..yes I remember Stephanie.

She will no doubt wear something showstopping...whether it is good or bad we will have to wait and see.

Lilflowa said...

Lmao Fashion at the blah blah blah! but yes i cant wait for fashion week! FINALLY victoria pics (new pics)

emma said...

yay! I'm so jelious I would love to go to fashion week in NYC. It would be so fun! I'm sure she'll get some great gifts from the goodie bags, lol.

Anonymous said...

Last year I met her outside the hotel when Fashion Week was going on... but I cant now that I have college :-(

Janie said...

Ooooo I've got a weird big brotherish feeling ,after saying Victoria hadn't updated her site as much as David does with his , She went and did it ! Eeeek! sorry Vic. Looking forward to seeing you look FABULOUS DAHLING! at the shows.

carito8 said...

OMG where is she???? I'm having withdrawals!!! Give us some new pics VB you have been MIA too much time now!

stephanie said...

I agree with you carito 8, where on earth is she? I mean, if she wasn't going to fashion week till next week then she shouldn't have told us because now i'm getting desperate to see have to keep my excitement on a leash. Yesterday was the store opening for Just Cavalli in NY and i'm assuming Cavalli would be having some sort of runway show for Just Cavalli as well...I would be somewhat shocked if Victoria doesn't attend any of the Cavalli-related events.

Fashion Critic said...

She did not attend the Cavalli event last night