Saturday, 22 September 2007

Victoria Out And About In LA

On Thursday Victoria Beckham was leaving a fitting for Ugly Betty when this photos was taken.

Victoria will player herself as a celebrity bridesmaid at the wedding of Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) and Bradford Meade (Alan Dale) during the upcoming season of Ugly Betty.

Here she is channeling a sailor chic look wearing a stripey cropped cardigan, a navy tank top, white jeans, a pair of white Christian Louboutin slingbacks and of course one of her many Hermes bags.

I love the photo of behind the wheel of her Bentley. She looks so tiny in that massive car.

Many thanks to Lilflowa for sending me these pictures.

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Lilflowa said...

No probs fashion :)

I love this outfit soo much! so simple and chic!

buddy said...

luv the outfit.
am i the only one who's noted that vic has gained a little weight since coming to LA

Camerynn said...

She is so lovely. She can do NO wrong.

Her outfit is adorable!

Fashion Critic said...

Oh yes we have noticed the weight gain. It suits her I think.

Janie said...

I think its safe to say that since they've moved to L.A. our V is more relaxed, and happy enough to eat better, look after her health more and then of course the up coming concerts all mean she needs to gain a few pounds and muscle in order to keep up.Touring is only for the fit and if your not fit it will cripple you so I suspect she's taken that on board. Sensible girl!

Janie said...

This outfit is what i call a Liz Hurley special (Hey! I'm not knocking it though) Love them shoes!

Janie said...

Also , It's a well known fact , if your too slim it's harder to get preggers! Ah ha, I feel press speculation coming on.

chrisrie said...

Oh, i think so look so fabulous with her weight gain. I hope she can put on some more weight. Simply love everything about her.