Friday, 14 September 2007

Victoria Beckham Snubs Damon Dash

The New York Daily News reports that when Damon Dash stopped by Victoria Beckham's table at a New York restaurant to chat the other night, Victoria gave him the brush-off. "You could see she didn't want to talk to him," a spy said. "She left shortly after he arrived." Dash had worked with Victoria in 2004 on an album which was never released.

He should not be surprised she gave him the cold shoulder. In a 2004 interview Dash confessed, "Exposure. That's exactly why I did it (work with Victoria). And I knew that she'd get exposure too".

"When everyone knew who I was, then I could tell them about everything else I was doing - and get exposure for all my other companies (his fashion label and movie company)".


Anonymous said...

What a complete dickhead. I heard he fell out with Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter as well. Never really liked him, this is the 2nd time i'm hearing of her snubbing him. Is he needing another exposure?

Janie said...

Yeah I remember something Victoria said about him in a documentary , like how he said he would help my new album be a hit, then she went huh so much for that then , or something like that. Anyway she was being sarcastic and of course it made me laugh. He now no doubt wants a slice of the pie , now they are both in the L.A. limelight and is trying to hang out with them like they was mates and really she can't stand him, thinks he's a bit of a loser etc, Well if its true i can't blame her!