Wednesday, 5 September 2007

David Updates His Blog

Last week was an incredibly frustrating one as far as football goes. To get back to fitness and then get injured again so quickly is very disappointing, but I’ll be doing everything I can to get back playing as soon as possible. I’ve started the rehabilitation process and I’m working hard to get back on the pitch again.

Of course, I’m disappointed that I won’t be joining up with the England squad, but I wish the lads all the best for the qualifiers.

There’s definitely enough quality to get the right results against Israel and Russia, and although I’m the first to admit I’m not the best armchair fan I’ll be cheering on the lads from home.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on how things go with my recovery.

Speak to you soon




brit said...

aww bless him, at least hes getting all the bad luck out of the way, this time in a month or so he will be bk to his fab self and showing us y were so proud of him as a brit.

Janie said...

Of course i love Victoria, but David is much better at communicating via his blog isn't he. Thanks for the update Dave and take it easy mate! XXX

SCOTT E said...

On ESPN's "around The Horn" today, David Beckham was virtually crucified today for a report in a London paper today saying that he was in negotiations to leave the US for 4 months in order to focus on playing for england, beginnin g in January.

This may be he end of beckham and soccer in the US.....if he flakes on us now, the sport is done here.

They said it best on the show today "David doesnt care about the Galaxy, this is his second job, he is just moonlighting here"

I dont want him if he is going to play in Euro 08 and the FA cup....he will just be hurt again when the MLS season comes around just like he was this year

he is treating the MLS like his second priority....but he needs to remember whos signing that pay slip.

i lvoe the guy, and will always be a fan, but if there is ANY truth to this story at all, then ill lose alot of respect for him

i understand him wanting to play for his country and get his 100 caps, but not if it means Galaxy is the one who keeps getting screwed over.

stephanie said...

Scott E i doubt it's true as there's always rumours surrounding David which usually turn out to be completely bollocks. Plus i thought LA Galaxy already said that they werent loaning him off? This doesn't sound like David anyway, sounds like the usual fabricated stories. Let's wait and see what the Galaxy team and David's people have to say about this.

Fashion Critic said...

You are referring to the loan deal I wrote about yesterday.

The MLS season have a four month break between December to April so if David does come to the UK/Europe I doubt it would be to play competitive matches. He has made it quite clear - many times - that he would not want to play against his boyhood club Manchester United nor Real Madrid.

If he came, I would guess it would be to train with a team in order to keep up his fitness, not to play competitively.

Between now and January he would have played maybe 3 of the last games of the MLS maybe none depending on his recovery.

After his injury I doubt he would return to Europe to play in the Premiership, La Liga or Serie A were players will deliberate go out to hurt him. Too risky.

Let's wait and see what happens before you condemn him.

Yes he wants to play for his country, yes he wants his 100 caps, but I don't see him playing for a team in Europe.

I think like you a lot of people will lose a lot of respect for him if it is true. UK journalists have a knack of making up things so don't go condemning him just yet. Let's wait and see.