Monday, 3 September 2007

DVB Style Blog Update

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Victoria has updated her blog to inform us about her updated book's release date:

That Extra Half an Inch in Paperback

Following the huge success of Victoria's best selling hard back 'That Extra Half an Inch,' a new conveniently handbag sized edition is available in all good book shops from Thursday, September 6th (November in the US).

The paperback version also includes exclusive never seen before photography and updated shopping tips! Order your copy now! Visit the Penguin website and Amazon.

Even though I have the first one, I will get his one too. (sad I know)


emma said...

lol, no need to feel that way.. this edition has new photos and updated tips so it's a great reason to get the new book. ;)

Is the older book good? I've heard reviews that it is only helpful for wealthier people who can afford to be wearing Gucci and Versace. Also she talks about Topshop which we don't have here. I'm definately getting this one though.

Fashion Critic said...

I have read bits and pieces but for me I was mostly into the pictures of her.

adrad said...

I have read comments on another posting on this website praising this book cover. While I did think the UK book cover a bit contrived, but otherwise nice, I was somewhat replused by her squatting posture shown in the US one here (who sits like that in public?). Anyone else feel the same? Love the shoes and the top though :-)!

jordan marie said...

i love the book cover and can't wait until it comes i love the beckhams and i love victoria's style

Major-Giggles said...

I understand there is a "handbag" edition!!

Mind you UK smash bestseller is perhaps false advertising.