Monday, 3 September 2007

Beckham Will Not Be Loaned

There has been much speculation as to what David Beckham will do during the end of the Galaxy season in November.

A lot of journalists have been reporting that David will be loaned to a UK, Spanish or Italian side, in order to keep up his fitness in the lead up to Euro 2008 (should England qualify).

LA Galaxy have come out and said that they will block any move for David Beckham to return to Europe on loan.

Galaxy president Alexi Lalas said: "We wouldn't consider it. He has been playing at a very high-pressured level for a long time and he needs to get healthy."

Oh NOW they care about his health a classic case of 'closing the door after the horse has bolted'.

Personally I don't see it as such a bad thing, but I don't see it happening, dude needs a long rest.

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emma said...

I heard about these rumors on Sky Sports News a few days ago in the segment where they show the following day's newspapers. Honestly, I would feel backstabbed if he returned to Europe. He promised us his full attention to make soccer a bigger sport here and he would be going against his word if he left. Even if it was only for a loan. We understand he is injured and don't expect him to play for a while, but he shouldn't even think about moving back to Europe when he hasn't completed his task here. After 5 years of dutifully helping US soccer grow, then he can return to Europe and all its glory.