Sunday, 2 September 2007

David Beckham - Value For Money

Since David's second injury journalists have been questioning David's value for money. ESPN put together the below:

Value For Money
Based on David Beckham's annual salary of $6.5 million, here's what the Galaxy got for their expenditure:

Games (6): $1,083,333 per game

Starts (4): $1,625,000 per start

Minutes played (310): $20,968 per minute

Goals (1): $6,500,000 per goal

Assists (3): $2,166,667 per assist

It was a great goal and worth $6,500,000 me thinks.


emma said...

One goal that is worth a hell of a lot of money was Clint Dempsey's against Liverpool. That goal literally saved Fulham from relegation and gave them $60 mill.

About David Beckham's goal... it sure was great, but not $6,500,000.

Fashion Critic said...

I kid...I kid :)