Tuesday, 18 September 2007

David Beckham: 'Life Of An Icon' DVD

David Beckham has a new DVD called ‘David Beckham: Life of an Icon’. It is currently available in the UK and will be available in the US on the 6th November.

For some reason the US cover of the DVD does not have the St. George's flag which appears on the UK cover. I am sure you US David Beckham fans wouldn't mind a bit of UK pride.

The DVD brings David’s amazing story right up to date to feature his shining moments from 2007, including being voted Britain’s Greatest Ambassador, the closing of his final season with Real Madrid and being recalled to the England team for the key World Cup qualifying matches.

Personally I think this DVD is slightly premature. I think it should have been release after he reached the elusive 100 caps.

In English football only Peter Shilton, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and William Wright have over 100 caps. Once David reaches 100, then he can really be considered an Icon.

Buy the UK DVD here.

Pre-order the US DVD here.



brit said...

its proberly out for christmas, v proud of him, hes fantastic player, gorgeous, patriotic and such a gentleman, hes the perfect icon of England

emma said...

Yea I think he should have reached the big 100 before this comes out. Also I am having doubts on a high sale here because of how frustrated Americans are that he is injured again and for how little he's played. I really hope that isn't the case though.

Anonymous said...

im really lookin forward to seein it but i also agree that he should havegooten atlaest 100 caps before it came out. but i hope his recovery is goin well so that he can play in england qualifiers.GET WELL SOON BECKS!

Janie said...

I do hope you'll give us a sneaky peak at this , or indeed anyone else who gwts it. Maybe it'll be on U tube?