Thursday, 24 January 2008

Eva Longoria Watches the Spice Girls in Manchester

It looks like Eva Longoria could not wait until the Spice Girls returned to the US, so she went to the Manchester show, to see Victoria and the Spice Girls perform at the MEN Arena.

Eva Longoria is in the UK promoting her new movie Over Her Dead Body. I am sure the girls have not been spending much time together lately, with their respective busy schedules, so I bet they had a lot of catching up to do.

Victoria sure had a busy day. She was the Fashionista in Paris at lunchtime to view Roland Mouret's fashion show, then in the evening she was Posh Spice, performing with her girls.

What a great life she leads.

How tall is Eva? Victoria is 5ft 4ins and towering over Eva and they are both wearing heels.

I wonder what Victoria made of Eva's new bangs. Me? I am not crazy about them at all.

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jdg6385 said...

Well she did mention to ryan seacrest on his radio show that she would be going to see the spice girls and btw I don't mean to correct you but her name is now Eva Longoria Parker.

bri said...

am I the only person who can't stand this friendship? there's just something about eva longoria that erks me. i've tried to let it go but i can't. she annoys me to no end...and when they're together i always think "uncomfortable" and "fake". or it could just be that i'm completely insane.

btw...the horrid tattoo that eva got on the back of her neck. ugh. jordan's done one too. it's absolutely laughable. ridic.

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks for the correction jdg6385, but I will continue to call her Eva Longoria.

If you don't like it sue me.

jdg6385 said...

Hey no need to get testy Fashion Critic I was just trying to help that's it.

jdg6385 said...

Anyways I also don't like eva's bangs either.

electra said...

Her name is now indeed Eva Longoria Parker, but her showbiz name will still continue to be Eva Longoria, so FC wrote it correct.

I'm not liking the bangs either, and yes she must be really tiny and short, i wonder how she would look like next to Claudia Schiffer. lol

Fashion Critic said...

jdg6385...I just don't understand why you felt the need to pick up on such an insignificant thing. We all know she is married to Tony Parker, but her name is Eva Longoria. If anyone is being testy it is you dear.

Janie said...

Feel a bit sad about no-one liking Eva's hair as I've just had mine cut and it looks just like Eva's in this pic.(Sniff Snniff) Thought it loked really nice actually. Have gone a wee bit paranoid now guys.
Mind you I also have to say think Eva needs to eat a flippin cake or two. She's unpleasently thin, makes you wince. Victoria is just right and simply looks very fit, athletic not scrawny whatever anyone thinks (tabs etc)

Janie said...

By the way i'm fairly sure Victoria says in her book she's five 6/7. I know Eva's five 2 at most.

Chanel said...

I don't like that hair on Eva Longoria, well I guess I better say Eva Longoria Parker before I get thrashed too, lol! Anyhoo, #1 Eva's got too much extra hair, so it all looks too heavy for her petite frame. Looks a little like a wig. It also ages her.. the extra hair makes her look like she's 57.

jdg6385 said...

Even though I disagree FC but I apologize then. Now moving on looks like victoria is pretty tall!