Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Spice Girls On Good Morning America

OK I found a link to the interview from the ABC website.

You can watch it here

Thanks Electra.

Oh...I take back what I said about Geri.

The dress is not so bad live.



Anonymous said...

is that the full interview? they didn't answer any of the fan questions?

stacey said...

love victorias dress!

electra said...

That's the full interview a1liverleuqar, they didn't anwser any fan questions.

And OMG, they just announced 8 more dates in the USA, crazy! Now there's 57 dates in total! I'm sure this tour will end up with 100 dates, they will definately do two gigs in both Buenos Aires and Rio, then a massive tour in Australia and i can see them adding most of asian capitals aswell, and then i see the ending in Europe, definately Rome, maybe Paris and Moscow and then the last few dates at Wembley Stadium. Phew!

Amy Tillery said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I live in America and I couldn't find it yesterday. I tried watching live on the internet but had not luck. I had began to think I was reading wrong, lol. I love this site. I wish they had one like this the Spice Girls.