Saturday, 19 January 2008

Katie Holmes Talks About The Beckhams With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest talked to Katie Holmes live on his radio show yesterday.

She talked about her family, her work and the Beckham's.

You can listen to the interview here, but they don't start talking about the Beckham's until 8.52 into the interview.

Ryan: "Not only have your stolen my Tom (way to fuel those rumours Ryan), but you have also stolen my Victoria. Victoria and I have a connection on many levels"

Katie: "Victoria is hilarious".

Ryan: "Oh yes Victoria Beckham, one of the best, and she speaks very highly of you, and she is one of the most clever, hottest girls I have ever met".

Katie: "She is, she's so smart".

Ryan: "The problem is this Beckham, this David is the issue, he is in the way, he is stopping me from all of it".

Katie: "he's..."

Ryan: "he is not letting me accomplish my goal ".

Katie: "I got it, he is such a nice man."

Ryan: "I know, that is the problem, I wanted to not like him but I can't,

Katie: Laughs

Ryan: "it is impossible to not like him, he is such a nice guy".

Katie: "He is a nice guy and god..." (pause) "he's..." (pause)

Ryan: "Easy".

Katie: "He's...great at what he does".

Ryan: "Easy...I know were you were going".

Ryan: "I thought you were going to say something about David's chest hair there Katie"

Katie: "No, No, they are just terrific friends and their boys are...amazing".

Ryan: "I imagine you can relate to them a lot".

Katie: "Yeah, Victoria is quite a business woman, she has quite a lot of things she is developing, she is so smart and such a good friend. She's really a great mom and a great friend and I always have so much fun with her".

Ryan: "I think she is very sexy and I have told her".

Katie: "Oh yeah she is".

Ryan: "but she does not think she is which is a problem".

Katie: "well you just have to keep telling her Ryan".

Ryan: "I am, you can tell her I just said it again".

Katie: "she is, she is sexy smart, great mom and a lovely woman".

I love the part were Katie, seems mesmerized just talking about David. Katie, he has the same effect on me too.



Sara said...

hahahha on me too :D

lani said...

i love how she was so poised in the whole interview, but i think ryan seacreast should of actually stopped going on about the beckhams when he was interviewing katie holmes, i know they are great friends but they are not attached at the hip.