Friday, 1 February 2008

David Beckham IS Back In The US: The Official Word Is...

Despite David Beckham being expected to host a charity dinner for cystic fibrosis sufferers at the Dorchester Hotel in London last night, his camp claimed that he was called back for pre-season training by the LA Galaxy once the club knew of his omission from the England team. Makes sense.

David sent his apologies via a video message.

My personal opinion is he was too hurt to go out in such a public arena, every one has a bad day and I guess he just could not face it.

The Galaxy season starts in April, we are in February. I am not sure how the US system works but in the UK pre-season training is usually 8-6 weeks before the season, so he is returning about the right time.

The thing that is annoying me is that people are suggesting that the reason he was left out of the England squad was because of his recent trips to Sierra Leone and Brazil. Commentators are asking why both trips were not put off until after the game on the 6 February.

He tries to help others less fortunate than himself and gets accused of not focusing on football, what a joke.

Poor guy.



scilla said...

The galaxy started pre-season early because they have the pan-Pacific tournament to play and the Asian tour in mid febuary . He's a big boy, he wasn't banished from the team, just not selected.

Anonymous said...

well according to times online, capello made the decision before david went on his trip... i'm really pissed because i nearly bought the tickets for the game on feb 6


Anonymous said...

I have learnt from the past that he always will be criticised for the things he does. And when he was in Sierra Leone when Capello visit Arsenals trainings ground I had no good feeling! I really hopeing his trip to SL and Brasil are not the reason for Capello to let him out. But this could had affect Capello. And such a lot of coaches don't like his life style.

Poor David I could imagine how hurt he is.