Sunday, 17 February 2008

Victoria Beckham Saks Chicago Video's Including Interview

Victoria Beckham's arrival and posing for photos.

More posing for photos

Meeting fans



lima said...

fc look at this vidio its sooooo cute

Fashion Critic said...

I don't like that video because Romeo look very unhappy and uncomfortable

Ryan said...

Speaking of Romeo looking unhappy. I read somewhere a couple of days ago that he has epilepsy and that he gets seisures... is that true? Did anyone else read that?

electra said...

Thanks for the videos.

Fashion Critic said...

Ryan's yes I have read that too, but I am not sure if it is true.

I would not bring my kid on stage knowing that the light flashes could give him a seizure.

electra said...

Romeo has epilepsy, atleast that's what Victoria said in 2005 when there were lots of photographers in Romeo's face at Heathrow Airport. After that the Beckhams lawyers have forbidden pictures of the kids to be posted on fan sites and forums (like Denden forums), their faces had to be blurred. So, it is unclear to me why they are putting their kids on the stage and don't keep them private. David was also on the field with them at his last RM match.