Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Victoria Beckham Gets Her Party On

Victoria Beckham took time out of her busy schedule to let her hair down at The Cuckoo Club within the Maritime hotel. On Sunday nights it's called Hiro, and becomes gay night.

According to Perez Hilton Posh was loving the attention and even spent some time smiling and shaking her bony butt on the dance floor. LOL, he loves her really.

I love it when she lets her hair down.

Are you thinking that her dress looks familiar?

Well it is the same dress Selma Blair wore to the Marc Jacobs Show on Friday.

Victoria fans Angel Beckham took these photos with our girl.

She so stunning once relaxed and when she smiles.

♥ her.

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electra said...

It's great to see her all smiles and relaxed.
She looked great in this outfit.

posh lover said...

Hi FC,
on net-a-porter there's a full image of the MJ dress (http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/27440)

Janie said...

WhenI first saw this dress on Selma I loved it straight away and then spookily enough found something incredibly similar in french connection in their sale! Well how chuffed am i now that Victoria 's gotten herself one too! (like Selmas I mean) So excited!

Ljn.- said...


she was right when she tolg angelbeckham that his teeth
are insanely white!:P
I'm so jealous of him!
he got to be near VB...