Sunday, 10 February 2008

Tattoo #12 For David Beckham?

The News Of The World has reported that David has had another tattoo done.

The tattoo is apparently a present for his wife for Valentine's Day.

The tattoo is apparently on his arm as a tribute to his wife... in the form of a black rose.

It will be tattoo #12.

A NOTW source said: "The rose is another tribute to Victoria. She'll be shocked but pleased when she finds out."

I will not believe this story until I see the photo, as the NOTW tend to make up stories.

The cute pictures are of Victoria Beckham and Cruz out shopping at FAO Schwartz in New York City on Saturday.

From there they went to Dylan’s Candy Bar, where they bought a gumball machine, Gummy Army Men, Gummy Mini Frogs, Mini Gummy Bears, Starburst – and a special treat for Cruz: Ouch Bubble Gum Band-Aids.

"Victoria was laughing at her son's reaction to the candy and store in general," says a rep for the emporium, which is owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter, Dylan Lauren. "A sales associate gave them samples of candy, and she was joking and giggling about his facial expressions."

No doubt Cruz was picking out his birthday presents, as he will be 3 years old on 20th February.

Victoria looks gorgeous wearing a Marc Jacobs navy sweater, Chanel scarf, tweed pencil skirt and red Hermes Birkin bag.

Cruz is so cute in his hat, scarf and tie.

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MIA said...

Hi does anyone knows where I can buy those sunglasses ? any website? on the phone? any idea?

I absolutely love this website, it is so up to date! it's amazing, I check it 24/7! AWESOME

The Bechams own. said...

Aww Cruz looks so cute lol. Stylin too. And Mia, I'm almost sure that the sunglasses are going to be from her brand DVB, so go to the DVB sit and search and see if it's there.

Renia said...

I Love Your Blog. Thanks :*

electra said...

I'm not approving what she's doing to Cruz. And i'm not really a fan of her outfit either, it's like she screams "LOOK AT ME" to draw more attention. You're only shopping Vic.

MIA said...

The bechams own, thank you for replying, the sunglasses are from her collection, however, this particular style i couldn't find on her website, maybe they're new....but either way, even if they were on her website, there's no option for shopping....

stiffo said...

Electra, what is she 'doing' to Cruz? You sound like she's about to sell him to child traffickers or something. Also Victoria always dresses up, or should i say overdress during the day. So i'd expect that you'd had gotten used to that now. After all, i think this outfit is not as attention grabbing as the 'all red' outfit she donned shopping with Katie Holmes. Or is this another Electra?

electra said...

@stiffo: I can't really remember any red outfit that Victoria wore while shopping with Katie.

Meg said...

electra she's not 'doing' anything to Cruz, looks like they went to fao and he picked out Harry Potter gear, even the tie lol. Kids love that kind of stuff.

There're tons of women around NY who dress up while out shopping, this isn't new for Vic.

The Beckhams own said...

Your welcome Mia =). And by the way, Victoria's taking Cruz out for a birthday present most likely, whats so bad about that? And hello! She's the most noticeable fashion icon on this planet so what do you want her to wear? Sweats? Yeah right.

Michelle Bueno said...

She is the best.. no words.. always so fancy, glam, and Cruz.. so HP.. beatiful! =D

Janie said...

Don't like this combo of nasty navy and what colour would you call this skirt, rust? mud? baby poo? Yuk nah not nice at all. As for the boy, well he can wear whatever he chooses, he's three for gawds sake! I had to go round the supermarket with full superman, or a fetching red wellies and vest/nappy combo with my son before when he was tiny. Three year olds want to choose their own style, gotta let em !

Kris said...

Where do you get those shoes?? Love them!