Sunday, 10 February 2008

David Beckham Makes A Fan Faint

According to David Beckham attended Jermaine Dupri's pre-Grammy party at Hollywood's Club Central last night.

"Beckham rolled in at about 1 am," said a party-goer. "He looked like he was having a great time hanging with Jermaine and talking to Janet Jackson."

While Beckham played it cool with the party's hosts, it's safe to say he was heating things up among the women at the party. In fact, when one young female fan approached the soccer star and got a quick kiss on the cheek, she literally went weak in the knees – and fainted!

Beckham's reaction: "He looked like it was an ordinary everyday thing," an observer tells People. "He just said 'Get her some water. She'll be ok.'"

Lucky girl. I would have fainted before the kiss.


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enchantress said...

its probably happened so often he knows how to deal with it by now...