Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Spice Girls To Attend Mel B's June Wedding In LA

Last month I informed you that Victoria Beckham might be a bridesmaid at Mel B's unconfirmed wedding.

After reading Grazia magazine today, Mel B confirmed that she is indeed getting married in June, and all the Spice Girls will be there, which will be in contrast to Victoria Beckham's wedding, which Geri did not attend.

She did not confirm whether the Spice Girls will be bridesmaids, but she did confirm that the wedding will take place in LA and not the UK as previously reported.

Source: Grazia Magazine & OK Magazine


electra said...

Well Geri didn't attend Mel B's first wedding, so i guess she'll make up for it now.

Hopefully Mel B will sell her pix to some magazine.

Fashion Critic said...

Oh for sure she will and I can't wait.