Thursday, 7 February 2008

'There's Only One David Beckham'

I did not go to the England game, mostly in protest of David Beckham not being in the squad, but also because it was too darn cold.

I watched some of the game and was not surprised that after 20 minutes fans were singing 'There's only one David Beckham.'

I bet, a no doubt watching David, raised a smile.

England won unfortunately.


brit said...

lol i love that they are being loyal to david, i was watching the game in the pub and i dont like the look of the manager, hes to twitchy, whys it unfortunate England won?!

Fashion Critic said...

it is unfortunate because since they did well it is unlikely he will be recalled and therefore will not make 100 caps.

brit said...

so many people are jelous of him, im sure him not being called has somthing to do with them not wanting him to make his 100 caps. >:(