Saturday, 2 February 2008

Close Up On Victoria Beckham's Bandage

Could she have not waited until the tour was over?

I don't like the size of this at all.

I hope it is a pretty tattoo and not a big lion or something equally crass.

Maybe it is her favourite picture of David in his Armani briefs.

We will wait and see.



Ljn.- said...


I'm so intrigued! please post
pics of this as soon as you
find them! =S


queen sheba said...

Omg im so excited to see the new tat!

scilla said...

According to the Mirror she pulled a muscle.

Posh 2.0 said...

If nothing else her hair looks freakin' awesome in this shot!

But I agree I'm not liking the size of the bandage at all either.

ashley said...

i think she just erased or replaced her last tat. remember the words written right on that part?

Anonymous said...

Posh wasn't wearing the bandage at the Montreal gig on Thursday 31st january!