Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Victoria Beckham At Saks For dVb

Victoria Beckham was at Saks for a personal appearance to promote her dVb denim at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston last Wednesday were she gave an interview.

Victoria Beckham had travel to Boston with her three sons, who spent the day at the Children's Museum while mummy pitched jeans. David was in Brazil. During the interview, her publicist passed along a PDA with a picture of Beckham strolling in a Marc Jacobs T-shirt emblazoned with his wife's image. (I bet that made her smile)

She wore her own black skinny jeans, topped by a Dolce & Gabbana jacket — a present from Domenico and Stefano — and cinched with an Alexander McQueen belt.

During breaks, she stepped out of the sweltering green room and a hair-and-makeup team jogged in like a pit crew to keep her in one piece. Later, Saks customers almost pummeled her and each other in their haste to be photographed with the most famous Spice Girl. She rolled with it all, even when one woman plopped her baby on the table where she signed autographs. The child sat dazed as flashbulbs popped.

Beckham views the Spice reunion as a lucrative last laugh with old mates. She has her heart set on fashion, and has assembled a team that's helping her put together a capsule collection to be shown in New York this fall — not on a runway, but to friends and insiders.

It will include dresses, which she loves, and will avoid too much embellishment.

"I am not in the music industry anymore...I don't think it's a nice industry anymore,'' she said. "So with this tour, I was nervous about what the fashion industry would think. I'm at the bottom of the ladder — but it's what I've always wanted to do."

I can't wait to see the dresses.



wyelin said...

where you get the picture at ?

bbperfume said...

It's really not fair on the Fshion design graduates who are still trying to get a job, when Victoria Beckham thinks she's a designer for doing nothing, but splurging on shopping for marrying into rich.Com''on u can't possibly say she was a Spice Girls, nobody paid attention to Victoria Adams"'Posh Spice 10 yrs ago.)The fashion industry is tightly controlled by the fashion Elite who decide who is the next one, and they let Victoria in because her husband's name sells.
By the way, I wonder how the remaining concerts are going? The Spice Girls were boring and tired last Jan in Montreal, the numbers are in and the tour is coming to an end, so they don't need to impress. Honestly, I wasn't impressed, but I had a great time hearing the oldies but goodies again.

jdg6385 said...

Hey FC check out this clip of victoria when she was there this fan came up to her and he had doctored the front cover of when she appeared on W magazine last year by removing david's face and putting his on there and she started smiling and really broke out laughing trust me you'll love this!