Friday, 8 February 2008

More Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Ads

Last month we saw the first of Victoria Beckham's Marc Jacobs ads.

On the Marc Jacobs website more pictures of Victoria Beckham have been added. Unfortunately they are really small and I hope to find some high res images soon.



chloe said...

mmmmmm i just wanna rip all of these out and hang them on my wall. but that one where shes crawling out of the bag is kinda creepy. i love the one with her legs coming out of the box-- its the same idea as the first one we saw with her legs coming out of the bag, cute!

that thing shes wearing on her head is kinda ugly too. haha =X

miami girl said...

Does anybody know where I can shop DVB sunglasses? by phone or in a store?

Daniel Vazquez said...

i love the new pictures :D the whole campaign is very smart and lovely! I hope you find the HQ's soon :D i would love to see them soon!

keep up the good work with the blog!


Fashion Critic said...

You can buy them online at
or Sarah