Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Victoria Beckham Takes A Tumble In Philly?

24 hours after Cruz Beckham was wowing the crowds at Madison Square Gardens, it has been reported that his mother took a tumble at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

Victoria has been known to carry a child, a large Hermes bag whilst balancing on 5in stilletos walking over cobbled sidewalks, so dancing in heels night after night is a breeze for Mrs Beckham.

She did not fall, in fact she was actually sitting on the edge of the stage, and this picture shows her getting up. Don't believe everything you read on Perez Hilton.

Posh 2.0 was at the show last night and saw the whole thing. She said:

"Victoria was sitting on the edge of the stage during "Mama" and when Victoria went to get up she almost fell! And everyone started cheering for her and then Geri came back to help her. And Victoria had this look on her face like
'Of course I almost fell, why would I not in front of all these people.'

It was very funny."

Glad you had a good time Posh 2.0.



Jvb said...

Glad she didnt fall-press would have had a field day with that one x

Jvb said...

Happy Birthday Cruz you tiny dancer-hope its a good one x

Anonymous said...

Yes and that picture is of her getting up! Not falling down like everyone is saying.

Posh 2.0

Melissa said...

Yeah... I was at the show, sitting right by her in that pic!!! and she definitely didn't fall... HOWEVER, She had a very difficult time getting up! It was pretty funny and she had made a hilarious face about it