Saturday, 9 February 2008

In Victoria's Closet - Marc Jacobs

Victoria Beckham attended the Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 show wearing a sequined burgundy dress from his Marc's Spring 2008 collection.

Whilst out shopping in New York, Victoria wore this caramel wool coat from Marc Jacobs Fall 2007 collection.

I am glad she did not wear the hat.

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peach said...

Amazing - she always wears it better than the models!

Anonymous said...

It would have been better have Posh worn the coat fuller length. She pulled a Katie Holmes in her recent red coat, that missed some pants! But she still pulled it off thanks to the knee-length boots, whereas Katie was a total Fashion miss bcoz she didn't compensate the length with high boots.

Anonymous said...

You are a genious Fashion Critic! You do what you do well, being able to match Posh wardrobe with the rightful designers or even justify the runway shot, considering all those designs out there and the zillion daily looks of Victoria Beckham! WEll done! I hope to do that too about my favourite celebrity!Of course I'm curious about Posh too!

Fashion Critic said...

thank bbperfume. On this occasion it was not that hard as they were bound to be Marc Jacobs