Sunday, 24 February 2008

Victoria & David Beckham Are Reportedly Furious With Their E! True Hollywood Story

I am not sure what the content is of Victoria and David Beckham's E THS, but it has been reported by the Daily Star today that they angry about the TV documentary.

It has been reported that they feel "betrayed" by former friends, lovers, business aides and old school chums in the programme and they have fears that this could shatter Brand Beckham in America.

A source close to David and Victoria told the Daily Star Sunday: "They are spitting blood. They feel they’ve been stitched-up – betrayed, even".

"This couldn’t have come at a worse time, with both of them trying to build new careers and reputations in Los Angeles".

"They have come under criticism from some observers in the States recently but public opinion is still good. Depending on the exact content of this documentary, that could change."

Cable network E! Entertainment’s True Hollywood Story: Posh And Becks tells tales never before heard in the USA.

The paper lists embarrassing secrets have hurt they like:

Posh being taunted at a performance arts school for being “too fat and too spotty”. (we know she was taunted, she has said so herself, but I mostly because her dad had a Rolls Royce)

Posh’s ex-love Mark Wood claiming she starved herself.

How the Spice Girls cruelly dumped their manager when they were on the brink of fame. (didn't they dump him after they made it?)

Her "controlling" influence over David which wrecked his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and ended his Man United career.

And it’s all finished off by their unofficial biographer Andrew Morton slamming them for "engineering publicity" (which celebrity doesn't) which has often rebounded, plunging them into the "dark side of celebrity".

Posh is said to be painfully embarrassed by the documentary dwelling on her husband’s alleged affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos in Spain when he played for Real Madrid.

She is certain to cringe over an interview filmed before the Spice Girls recent reunion, in which she admits: "I never actually did that much other than wear the nice clothes and pout, so it wasn’t that demanding being Posh Spice, to be honest."

And the Beckhams’ wedding, at which they wore crowns and received guests while sitting on giant thrones is openly mocked.

The source added: "They are furious over the way it makes them look. She is portrayed as controlling while he will come across to a US audience as being weak."

Early in the documentary, Posh’s old school pal Sarah Collyer recalls how she and other girls laughed when Victoria told them she had answered an ad to audition for a band, adding: "I thought, oh yeah, that’ll last five minutes."

At the Laine Theatre Arts School in Epsom, Surrey, other girls taunted her because she was shy and was driven to school by her relatively well-off parents.

And one teacher would yell at her: "You’re too fat, you’re too spotty, your hair’s a mess and you haven’t got enough make-up on."

Victoria’s first love Mark, who she dumped after becoming a Spice Girl, says: "Victoria didn’t really eat anything other than crisps, carrots and apples and drink loads of water. She just looked so ill to me. She lost so much weight."

It claims Posh exerted a powerful control over Becks, insisting they move into swanky Beckingham Palace in Hertfordshire.

He was left with a daily 400-mile round trip to train with United, which strained his "father and son" relationship with manager Sir Alex to breaking point.

The result was the famous dressing room shoe-kicking incident, in which sir Alex cut Beckham above the eye. Shortly afterwards, he was transferred to Real Madrid.

Morton claims the move was a victory for Posh, who "didn’t like Manchester and didn’t like David playing in Manchester".

In Spain, however, Becks found himself involved in a sex scandal involving Rebecca Loos and the documentary shows Goldenballs floundering in archive footage in which he denies having an affair.

The other Spice Girls are also shown dumping their manager Chris Herbert for image guru Simon Fuller. Morton says Herbert and his wife "spent all their energy and effort and got none of the rewards".

True Hollywood Story: Posh And Becks, Sunday March 16 at 8pm, is on E! Entertainment Television (Sky 152/Virgin TV 173).

Has anyone seen it?

I can imagine that this paper is dramatising this story to sell papers.



Anonymous said...

It was pretty harmless, most of it was positive, nothing really scandalous. Don't know what program the Star watched and there wasn't anyone close to them on it.


jordan marie said...

i have seen it
and to be honest there is really nothing bad or wrong that anyone said about both of them.
Though Victoria's ex-husband did say that she was starving herself
but in some way it sounded like he was sticking up for her. I thought that they missed a lot of detals in there lives.

enchantress said...

somehow i dont even want to see it...seems like everything is going to be so negative towards the beckhams...

and that rebecca loos incident... i would never believe david had an affair but it seems everyone thinks otherwise... maybe im just too optimistic. but what kind of guy would knowingly risk his perfectly good marriage and the happiness of his beloved kids? it doesnt even seem logical...
well at least the lesson to be learnt is that they should never again have a personal assistant thats looks bitchy or sexy or young.

Anonymous said...

It's not that bad. I watched it last Saturday and yeah, all those things were mentioned but in an innocent way. If you've read both of their biographies and watch stuff on youtube, there's no surprises.

Rebecca said...

I saw it last night (in Canada). It was a bit biased. However, two other E stories have been on - one covering Victoria and one covering the Spice Girls. Some of the footage was reused in all three shows. Some of the people speaking come off as just enjoying the chance to speak even if they are full of hot air.

Janie said...

Sounds like a load of old Bollocks to me F.C. Its basically everything we already know and the paper and possibly the programme makers have tried to show it in as bad a light as poss. We know V was bullied at school shes said so herself we know all the other stuff too, its just more of the same from a different angle. I'll watch it but I'll know the truth!

itsallaboutme said...

I saw the show and found it to be a "he said, she said" from other people other then David and Victoria. I can understand their feelings of betrayal. They were picked at like Friday's Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. Once again...people trying to get their own 5 minutes of fame at D and V's expense.

emma said...

I saw it and pretty much all of those comments said are really what was said on the show. I can imagine why both of them are embarassed and especially hearing some of the things by former teachers and friends.

I don't think it will tarnish Brand Beckham at all though. At least from what I've observed, in the States they've already made their fans and enemies. People aren't going to like them any less after seeing it but the Beckhams should not expect any people to like them after seeing it , either. Plus, not many people watched that show of them who aren't fams of them already. I can be sure none of my friends watched it.

AS said...

I switched in and out of watching it. It wasn't didn't say anything new or anything that people haven't already heard.

Riley said...

I watched it in the US and it really wasn't that bad. It was mostly stuff that everyone already knows about them. The whole thing went really fast and they didn't really give much detail. I highly doubt it will change anyones opinion of them.

jdg6385 said...

well it is coming from an unreliable paper.

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks for the confirmation guys and girls

I know the Daily Star is not the most reliable paper, but since I had not seen the show yet I was not sure

Lucy said...

yeah i just saw it last night..i didnt think it was that bad but then agin im a fan so you couldn't say much to deter me from was a little biased but ended showing them in a good light

Devi said...

I don't have any idea about the papers. I haven't seen the THS either. I guess the media always love about the drama.

faffy said...

i saw it was ok except for vicky's ex where he said she starves herself..and yeah..i don't think david will cheat on her especially since vicky was preggers at that time..that rebecca beyotch and go and shoot herself..

batool said...

victoria wasnt pregnant at that time,it was her bday wen rebecca told she had sex with david and she also showed the papers the raunchy text messages he sent her!!he must hav had an affair,cause u know david was alone in madrid earlier bcause victoria had refused to come.and victoria is also not vrey supportive of him.........................................................