Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Beckhams To Adopt A Baby Girl From Africa?

In today's Grazia magazine their headline story is that David and Victoria Beckham are considering adopting a baby girl.

The Beckhams have long spoken of their wish to have a sister for their three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

David spent four days in Sierra Leone in his role as a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations' children's charity UNICEF two weeks ago.

During his trip, David witnessed a birth and gave immunisation drops to a newborn baby.

Upon his return to David said: "I was close to tears. I had to step back and take a deep breath."

"I'm a very emotional person and I'm even more emotional now I'm a parent."

"But what stopped me crying was knowing that what these kids are going through is far worse than my feelings."

Beckham, according to Grazia, has told friends they are seriously considering adopting following his trip and has sought advice from celebrity pal Tom Cruise, who adopted son Connor and daughter Isabella with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Grazia quoted a friend as saying: "Adoption is something David has been talking about for some time."

"If there is one subject that can move him to tears, it's the thought of being unloved, uncared for and with no hope or future."

"It was only when David started planning his trip to Sierra Leone that they began talking about adoption again. It's clear they both think adoption is great."

"Tom has talked to David about how adoption changed him and how he's been able to change the lives of two amazing children."

Spice Girl Victoria has often spoken of her wish for a girl and admitted she is saving her hundreds of expensive handbags for her future daughter.

She said: "I think of the bags as an investment. Someday, when I'm lucky enough to have a girl, I will pass them along to her."

"It would finish the family off to have a little girl."

The couple originally planned to try for a fourth child last year, but Victoria's Spice Girls reunion and fashion duties meant they were too busy.

A spokeswoman for the Beckhams said: "They both publicly have said that while they admire people who go through the adoption process, their focus is raising their own three boys."

If this story is true I see this as a great idea of David's, but somehow I don't feel this is what Victoria wants. I think she would like to try for her own child before considering adoption.

The problem for Victoria is that she has already had 3 children via cesarean and a 4th procedure would cause damage to her internal organs.

The full article is below.

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Meg said...

Uh, considering the source, why's this even being considered true?

enchantress said...

i dont want to sound mean but i would prefer they try for their own baby girl rather than adopt. i think the child will look rather mismatched in a family where everyone has such great looks.
and i want them to concentrate on their own kids. 3 kids is already a big responsibility.

and what if they end up having a girl of their own after adopting one?? now we'll have to divide the handbags...hehe...

and i believe that blood will always be thicker than water no matter how much love you can give to an adopted child. brad and angelina has done enough adoptions for the celeb world. its cute and a great honorable act, but i always have a feeling one day there may be a problem, especially now with shiloh, their own child.

adoption should be for couples who can not have their own kids.
i have relatives who have adopted a child, and eventually cause rifts in the family, sadly.

Fashion Critic said...

Uh, Meg.

Because this is a Beckham blog and I posted this story so fans can discuss it.

I did not say it was true hence the question mark.

Ryan said...

Is that a popular magazine? Because they made an error. They said Brooklyn was 9 and he's not. I like how I caught that and making a deal haha. But still he's not 9 :)

Lolagirl said...

In response to Enchantress....it only causes rifts in people's families who have the closed minded perception that 'blood is thicker than water'....my family is just fine.