Saturday, 2 February 2008

Spice Girls Cancel The Rest Of Their World Tour After Both Mel's Quit

That is the story according to reports today after the girls were presented with a new tour schedule Mel B wasn't having any of it. She misses her husband and children and said she couldn't go on. She's also been flooded with US offers after her success on Dancing With Stars.

Mel C agreed it was time to call it a day. She was the least excited about it. She also feared it might jeopardise her solo career.

I can very much imagine this being true.



Anonymous said...

doesn't sound like they quit...they honored their commitments and decided move on.

while it sucks for fans who would like to see them and hoped they would stay together longer, they didn't do anything wrong.

scilla said...

I don't buy this article or all the other tabloids. The tour wasn't supposed to go on this long and the girls chose to pick up more dates in the US and UK because of the demand than go to the other countries. Which is really unfair to those fans there.

Anonymous said...

I can very much see this being true. Saying i'm disappointed in both Mel's is an understatement. I expected this from Mel c, but not from Mel B. So basically this is deja vu all over again as they split up before and now they're doing it again? They're grown ups so i would have thought they'll put their shit aside and get on for the few hours they have to be together everyday. I guess i was wrong. I'm not a Spice Girl fan and i've never been one but i can imagine how annoying it would be for their fans.

Ljn.- said...


what a shame! They let me down,
I never would have thought they
would do something like this.


Anonymous said...

You are right Fashion Critic, that's what we called selfish-ness!

Mel B should be thankful that she's getting public attention again on behalf of Spice Girls. How many years she's been in California and her bank account was drying up and all her solo cd's bombed?. I'm sure if it wasn't for all the hype about the Spice Girls reunion happening at the right place and right time,she wouldn't have got the offer on DWTS. If it is true Mel B misses her kids, that is a bi=unch of balloney. I saw her husband and baby angel and Phoenix with the Beckham boyz at the Montreal gig. Maybe, the kids needed to be at school eventually, but if they wanted to enjoy the title of popstars they have to take the territory that comes with it and tour evry single cities that made them rich in the first place. Celine Dion is over 40 , a mother and she's touring a whole year. She's putting those 30 yr-old women to shame.
And I'm 100% sure if Victoria Beckham wasn't part of it,the response wouldn't have been what it is today, for Mel B to get US offers!!. Probably they would have been more interested to drag their asses to South Africa,Australia, Hong Kong to break even.

Vanessa said...

so this is the same old story.
mel b should have known the tour is gona be tough, not to mention the gals are all mums now and at their 30s. Mel b fell off w/ Geri at the first time, and its mel b again, i hate to say that, but this is how i feel. Being away from your family is expected, it's a package. I wonder if u could hv received so many offers just by the success in Dancing With The Stars, without the fame earned fr this tour (and of cox fr. what happened with Murphy). I truly believe in posh spice tho, she has her own fashion biz n doesnt need that extra millions thru doing sth that she does not enjoy most these years. n she kept on saying she is having fun n enjoy every bit (ya, look at how ppl cheers whenever she sings). i still love you posh, i even bought a dvb sunglasses the other day to celebrate ur coming to hk. hope to cu around someday, i dun mind flying to Japan.

Olivia said...

Wait so does this mean that all the dates they still have scheduled won't be happening?!

jdg6385 said...

We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

brit said...

no way thats awful! i hope it isnt true coz il be really disapointed, if they wernt 100 percent they wanted to do it they should'nt of started it, thousands of people have already brought tickets! i really really hope its not true!!!!

Michelle said...

I´m reading now on that they really quited! I´m from Brasil, and i would gone to argentina to see them, but i´m really disapointed with this disrespect with the fans!
I´m really sad, and with some in my heart that i can not tell in words what it is!

Cici said...

So does this mena they are not going to tour in Philadelphia Pa