Monday, 11 February 2008

The Beckham Boys Get On Their Bikes

While Victoria was looking fabulous and shopping on the East coast, the Beckham boys (minus Cruz) were hanging out on the West Coast.

David Beckham took his boys biking in in Beverly Hills. They took in some exercise and had some fun pedalling away bare-legged in the LA heat hiding behind their their sunglasses like their famous mother.

David choose style over safety and ditched the helmet in favour of a cap.

Brookyln is the epitome of cool wearing head to to Abercrombie and Fitch.

From her I can not see the "12th" tattoo, but then it could be somewhere we will never see.

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brit said...

so gorgeous. they can be so normal, and people still refuse to remember these bits of the press attention, i guess people like to h8, but i think the veiw has shiffted abit and more positive since they moved. better l8 than never...

electra said...

It's geat to see such pictures of them enjoying the sun, but it must be tiring trying to enjoy yourself infront of the paparazzis. Hopefully there weren't many.

You can totally tell that David is a great dad and that he loves his kids. Offcourse you can say that about Victoria aswell, when she's around her kids she's like a lion, defending them. I'll never forget how she yelled at that idiot paparazzi who literally put a camera in Romeo's face while they were trying to enjoy in Disneyland.

No matter what people say, i'm sure they are great parents.

P.S. Are Davids legs completaly shaved now? Fashion Critic, do you prefer shaved legs on guys or normal hairy legs?

Ryan said...

An update I read about:
Apparentley David's new tatoo is suppose to be of a rose symbolizing his love for Victoria (awww :)) and I also read that he's getting it put on exactly on valentines day.
They're the best :D :D :D :D