Thursday, 28 February 2008

Fans Show Their Appreciation For Victoria Beckham

The last picture is of a fan who has spent approx $10,000, going to all the US and Canada Spice Girls shows.

Now THAT is what you call a true fan, a now broke fan, but a true fan.

I am glad she gave him the special attention he deserved.

Thanks to Niki for the picture.

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electra said...

Was that dog a gift?

I remember when they first arrived in Spain in 2003, one fan gave her a cat, i wonder what she did with it.

She looks so gorgeous when she smiles.

Fashion Critic said...

not sure...I think she was just posing with a fans dog.

Devi said...

I wish I was there :(

Janie said...

Actually I think that just makes him "mental".!

Amber said...

I dont think he's mental at all. I'd do the same if I had the money to spare.

rock*star said...

it is her dog ,
i saw that dog on her show COMING TO AMERICA ..

There's also a video on her dvb website , she was holding that dog ..

electra said...

@rock*star: That's NOT her dog. And the dog that was on CTA was not her dog either.
Her dog was that one on dvb style site in one of the videos. I wonder if she still has it.

rock*star said...

LOOL ur right electra , its not her dog .. sorry, I thought it was it !!

I just saw the video on dvb .. its different from the one in this picture ..

My mistake :)

Amber said...

She has a yorkshire terrier named Twiggy. The dog she is holding up there is a miniature pinscher.