Saturday, 16 February 2008

David Beckham Is Looking Forward To Hawaiian Pre-Season Tour

The L.A. Galaxy are heading off to Hawaii on Monday as part of a three-week, five-game exhibition tour that will see them going to Honululu, Seoul and Shanghai.

They will be taking a fitter, healthier, more motivated David Beckham, who is ready and exicted about his first full Major League Soccer season.

Capello still considers David to be part of his England squad in the near future, so David will be taking full advantage of the game time.

He said in to the LA Times:

"It's always tough when you're in preseason and you're running every morning and every afternoon and there are no games, we're looking forward to going to Hawaii. It's my first time there."

"It's always been great when I've visited different parts of Asia with Real Madrid and Manchester United and also England. Every time I've been there the fans have been exceptional, so I'm looking forward to that as well."

Beckham's goals for the season are clear.

"To stay fit, to play every game possible, and to win the championship," he said. "It's important because last season was very disappointing. It's up to us to put it right, and we can do it because we've got the players."


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