Friday, 8 February 2008

Victoria Beckham Talks To The Paparazzi

You must check out this video on TMZ.

I am not usually a fan of the moving images, as they can tend to be quite dull, but in this video Victoria is chatting away to the paparazzi, and answering many of his questions, which was very helpful.

She is not pregnant., but thanks the guy for asking.

When asked if she is adopting in Africa she says no then asks if the paparazzi if he knows Larry Sims - he is Victoria and David's hairstylist who is a black guy. I guess Ben Cooke did not make the full-time leap to LA, and that would explain why Victoria's hair has been looking so much better lately.

Although this was a funny off the cuff remark, she needs to be careful in the US. Jokes about people race are not taken too lightly.

Check out Larry Sims myspace & website. He has also worked with the girls on America's Next Top Model and Christina Milian.

P.S. I hate that guy in the stripey top that is everywhere Victoria is. I love how after the 3rd time she refuses to sign his picture.



peach said...

This look is gorgeous on her.

4 of a kind said...

She does look great!!! I SO would love 2 see her in Chicago