Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Teary Eyed Spice Girls Say Goodbye

The Spice Girls ended their reunion tour amid emotional scenes of hugging and kissing at the band's final show in Toronto last night.

The evening was a tearful farewell with Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell and Mel C gathering at the end for a group hug and individual embraces throughout the show.

An emotional Geri said: "I've just got to say, as you know, this is the last night of the tour and we never dreamt we'd ever back together and be such a success and who knows if we'll ever get back together again." You can see from the picture below of Geri in her union jack dress that she is crying.

The Spice Girls closed the show with a rousing final performance of "Spice Up Your Life."

And for the last time Emma, Mel B and Victoria brought their children onstage. To the delight of the crowd, Cruz, wearing a "Posh" T-shirt and red baseball cap, showed-off his breakdance moves.

Someone needs to give Cruz his own show because he was break dancing again last night.

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Janie said...

Love this beautiful black lace corset and leggin ensemble! Wonder how David feels about this dancers' smooching on his wife? Lets face it he's young , good looking and she doesn't exactly look like she's hating the attention! Phew!

melissa said...

does anyone know if it was just cruz on stage or were all the beckham boys there

faffy said...

i know! that dancer is totally kissing her neck..
wonder what david feels about that..:D