Saturday, 16 February 2008

In 2006 Victoria & David Beckham Renewed Their Marriage Vows In Secret

Here is the story from the Daily Mirror:

David and Victoria Beckham have secretly retaken their marriage vows - and got matching tattoos to celebrate the romantic occasion.

Only a handful of friends and family were invited to watch them remarry in the grounds of Beckingham Palace. One said: "We were in tears. It was beautiful and very non-showbiz." The couple marked the big day by tattooing the ceremony date on their wrists in Roman numerals.

Romantic David Beckham arranged his secret second wedding to Victoria without even telling her - springing the surprise on the big day itself.

He flew her to their sumptuous Beckingham Palace estate then went on one knee to pop the question for a second time.

Stunned Posh gasped: "Yes!" - and the couple were soon retaking their vows attended by sons Brooklyn and Romeo as page boys and watched by a handful of close friends and family.

Victoria was so delighted she later told a friend: "It was the second best day of my life - after our first wedding." The couple marked the occasion by having matching wrist tattoos of Roman numeral VIII.V.MMVI, which stands for 8 March 2006 - the date of the ceremony.

David started masterminding the wedding after the birth of third son Cruz, while he was with Real Madrid.

He organised the ceremony and secretly invited a handful of close friends and family. He even had a beautiful white dress made in Posh's size.

A friend said: "David was meticulously planning the big day for months. It was a huge undertaking to keep it all under wraps."

"He was desperately excited but had had to keep quiet with everyone but his and Victoria's closest family."

"Only a handful of people were at the ceremony and they've managed to keep it under wraps for nearly two years. It was an incredibly beautiful day and everyone lucky enough to be present was in tears when they repeated their vows. It was simple, beautiful and very non-showbiz. It was about them as a couple and a family unit - not glitz and glamour."

On the day itself Becks flew Posh in from Madrid and then popped the question at their sprawling home in Sawbridgeworth, Herts. The friend added: "As she arrived he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him again. They were both in tears and she immediately said Yes."

"Victoria couldn't believe the lengths he had gone to to make it a perfect day - she was truly lost for words."

"He had personally overseen everything, from the flowers to the cake - even a beautiful white dress he knew she had her eye on."

The day after the wedding David had another surprise up his sleeve - a second honeymoon in Paris complete with dinner at Michelin three star restaurant Guy Savoy.

The friend added: "David took her shopping to Azzedine Alaia and Colette, two of her favourite stores, and told her to choose anything she wanted as a wedding gift."

"Their suite was filled with hundreds of roses. It was like a dream come true - the setting could not have been more beautiful."

"Everything was perfect - and Posh's tattoo with the date of the event reminds her of it every day."

Victoria had the commemorative tattoo done in the two weeks after the ceremony. David has a matching one.

She has added the Latin phrase De Integro - meaning "Again from the start" - inked above the date. David has the same words on his body.

The simple second ceremony was a far cry from the couple's lavish £500,000 wedding in 1999.

How incredibly romantic. This is why I love these two.

I am glad we finally have the answer to the tattoo question.



electra said...

Finnaly we found out about the correct tattoo name. I just hope Daily Mirror wrote it correctly. lol

There's a "Beauty Salons & Services" in Brookfield called De Integro. lol

sami said...

I think this story is a false-o. She once said she put the date in roman numerals of the first time they had sex.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, don't know if I believe this, they even have the date wrong, V is may not march. It sounds cute though.

My posts aren't appearing, since there isn't an option for nickname anymore :(


Anonymous said...

Sami I don't buy the story either but the tat says 2006 so can't be their 1st time. I don't get why its a front page story if it happened 2yrs ago.


Fashion Critic said...

I think it is front page because the paper only discovered it recently.

To be honest I did not know they had renewed their wedding vows, but like the someone else said I thought the date tattoo was related to something else.

sami said...

hey the date on her wrist is MAY 08 1997 not 2006.

Sara said...

they are so cute!! i read some article like that last year but was not complete like this and i love it!! finally know all the thing! [sorry my english]

Ryan said...

Aw thats so cute and romantic. Best couple alive. They're so amazing :)

Chiara said...

The date on her wrist is, for sure, 8th May 2006.
No question about that because I'm fro Rome and I've been reading roman numbers since forever
So either they had the renewal in may or I don't know.
Definetely not the first time they had sex!