Saturday, 9 February 2008

So What Was The Bandage For?

From the close up of Victoria's back at Marc Jacobs show last night there does not appear to be any new tattoos, so what was that bandage for on her back?

Does anyone know?

Thanks Jose


scilla said...

she pulled a muscle.

Fashion Critic said...



Anonymous said...

Why would she pull a muscle?, she is the least active Spice Girl I've seen on stage, bcoz no matter what she always gets the loudest cheer. If it wasn't for Mel C , Emma holding the voices together-I bet whether the concert would watch watching. It is really not fair... Evrything she does is poing even when she should be singing and performing. I 'm not hating on her, but life is soo not fair for deserving people.

Ljn.- said...


that's what they reported..
anyway, for what I know,
you dont get yourself a bandage
like that when you pull a muscle..
mmm, who knows!!!


Amber said...

lol at bbperfume, you dont think she deserves all this? She works hard at everything she does, she's a great wife, a loving mom, she doesn't get into scandal or do stupid stuff to get people's attention. She's loved for being who she is.

Ellen said...

according to several other websites it IS a new tattoo-- she got the old one extended. Look at for example

NadiaM said...

she was interviewed in first she said that she got into a fight with Mel B, then she explained that she pulled a muscle in her neck and that it's fine now :)